How To Play:

The Facebook Manufacturer Challenge is conducted through Lucky Dog Racing's Facebook group. You must be a member of the group to play. All current Lucky Dog Racing members are able to join the group and play the contest. If you are not a member of the group, you can ask the President or another member in the group to add you. You can find the group here: Lucky Dog Racing Facebook Group

The Manufacturer Challenge will run the entire length of the NASCAR season and will alternate between the Cup, Xfinity and Truck series each week. During each event members will pick three drivers, one from each manufacturer: Chevy, Toyota and Ford. Members may also be able to substitute their Ford pick in the Truck series for a Dodge Ram. The points that the three driver receive in a race will then be added together for your weekly score.

The season is divided into two segments, 19 races in each segment. A driver can only be picked once during a segment for each of the three series. You can pick the same driver again only if he is racing in a different series than the one that you used him/her in already.

Picks will be made in the Facebook group. Each week the administrator will create a post for that week's race and the participating members will reply with their three picks. Members will write the name of each manufacturer and either the drivers name or number next to it. If a member picks a driver with the wrong manufacturer, no points will be recorded for that pick. Please make sure to double check what type of car each driver is in.

Picks may be made until the start of qualifying each week. The date and time will be announced in that week's post. No picks will be accepted after that time regardless if qualifying is rained out or not.

The winner will receive all of the bragging rights, receive a $25.00 gift certificate to Amazon.com and receive a special award on their page. The winner may also have a chance to make the LROC team for the following year but only if there is an available spot. There is no guarantee that a spot will be available since only six members make the team each year.

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2017 Facebook Manufacturer Challenge Schedule and Picks
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