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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – For once, as he put it, Brad Keselowski didn’t “choke away” a chance at victory during Speedweeks at Daytona.

Just the opposite. Taking the lead on Lap 39 of the Advance Auto Parts Clash at Daytona International Speedway, Keselowski held it the rest of the way to win the exhibition kick-off race to the 2018 season, leading Team Penske to a 1-2-4 finish.

And Keselowski, who led 43 of the 75 laps, took the checkered flag with a large piece of debris on the nose of his No. 2 Ford Fusion, with the water temperature in the engine rising to dangerous levels.

“I was worried about the run (of cars behind him), but the car was way overheating there at the end, and I was more worried about it blowing up than anything else,” Keselowski said. “(Engine builder) Doug Yates and his guys did a good job giving me something real durable to take all that and keep digging.

“I’m really proud of the whole effort here. What a way to start Speedweeks, putting the Miller Lite Ford in Victory Lane. I’m really proud of my team… I felt like we were due today.”

Keselowski has five victories at Talladega, but his only other superspeedway win came in the July 2016 race at Daytona. During February, the 2012 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series champion was batting .000, making Sunday’s start to Speedweeks a special occasion.


There's no better way to get ready for a new season than by winning the exhibition race, The Clash at Daytona. There are only 4 active drivers in the field who have won in the past but now we have a new one to join the club. Matt Minnich had a great season last year by winning his first championship in the Truck series and now he has a good start to 2018 by winning his first Clash.

Matt scored a total of 198 points and becomes the first driver to win with the new 6 driver pick format. He held off Jose Rodriguez by 5 points to get the victory. That assures that Matt will never have to worry about earning enough poles to make the race, he will always be locked in.

Matt also gets an added trophy to his driver page and a free entry into the first segment of the Cup series money pit. It also gives Matt great momentum for the Daytona 500.

If you don't win the race, the rest of the positions really don't matter since there are no points involved but it does give you a good feeling for the big race the following week.

Jose Rodriguez was able to finish in 2nd, defending champion Todd Oliver took 3rd, Robby Stone 4th and Shane Burton 5th.

With the appetizer now over with, we focus on the main course next Sunday!

Advance Auto Parts Clash at Daytona Top 5 Finishers

1. Matt Minnich
2. Jose Rodriguez
3. Todd Oliver
4. Robby Stone
5. Shane Burton

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XFINITY Championship to Byron

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HOMESTEAD, Fla. – William Byron won the 2017 NASCAR XFINITY Series championship in Saturday’s Ford EcoBoost 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

Byron survived an incredible battle with JR Motorsports teammate and fellow Championship 4 driver Elliott Sadler to take the title. His third-place finish in Saturday’s season finale earned the 19-year-old his first title of any kind.

“He raced me clean,” Byron said of Sadler. “We raced hard for it. I have to thank God for giving me this platform to perform. Thank you guys. What an incredible crowd.”

He joins Chase Elliott as the second teenager to win a series title and to do it in their rookie seasons.

Byron won four times in 2017 and gave JR Motorsports its second series title. His four wins were a series record for a freshman driver.

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The Championship four took place at Homestead and it turned out to be pretty interesting. Al Allison has a lot to be thankful this holiday season since the racing gods took out Christopher Bell's engine. Three of the four championship drivers had Bell, the only one that didn't was Al. That gave him the clear advantage and even scored the most points. Even though he only finished in 9th place, he was the highest finisher and wins the Xfinity Championship.

Ford EcoBoost 300 Top 5 Finishers

1. Terry Smith
2. Randy Cook
3. Teeder Jenkins
4. Bobby Ericson
5. Steve Barber

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Bell Takes Truck Championship

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Christopher Bell’s second-place finish in Friday night’s Ford EcoBoost 200 at Homestead-Miami Speedway wrapped up the 2017 season championship.

Bell finished second behind winner Chase Briscoe and was able to outdistance fellow Championship 4 contenders Johnny Sauter (third-place finish), Austin Cindric (fifth) and Matt Crafton (sixth) to take the crown.

“A dream come true just doesn’t even describe it,” Bell said in Victory Lane. “For me to be at KBM (Kyle Busch Motorsports) as long as I have and to go out a champion there is something I’m really proud of and really proud that I’ve got all of our partners at JBL here to victory lane at Homestead for the championship stage.

“They’ve been with me since day one of my Truck career and really glad we’ve got a lot of guests here with us. Between JBL, Toyota, TRD (Toyota Racing Development), SiriusXM, DC Solar, everyone at KBM, man – these trucks are so good and they pay so much attention to all the detail into that goes into these things and that’s what makes these Tundras so fast. It’s just – speechless.”

At 22 years, 11 months, 1 day, Bell is the fourth-youngest champion in NASCAR Camping World Truck Series history.

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The Championship four battle was going to be a close race since the picks by all four were pretty similar. All four of them ended up in the top 10 but of course one had to come out ahead. Just like last year, it came down to winning the race to win the championship. Matt Minnich and Jose Rodriguez both had the same picks but Matt had Bell as his segment Truck while Jose had Sauter. Bell finished one spot ahead and won the championship and gave Matt Minnich the win and championship over Jose.

Ford EcoBoost 300 Top 5 Finishers

1. Matt Minnich
2. Jose Rodriguez
3. Leon Baker
4. Joel Blade
5. Joe Tenpenny

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Lucky Dog Racing's 2018 LROC team

In 2017, Lucky Dog Racing struggled in the first half of the LROC season and found themselves in last place. The team rallied together in the second half and moved from last to finish 2nd place in the standings for the third year in a row. They are still looking for their 5th title but at least got a much better finish from where they were originally headed.

For the second year in a row, one of Lucky Dog Racing's drivers won the driver championship. In 2016 it was Randy Cook and last year Jose Rodriguez won his first title.

Jose is back on the 2018 team to defend his title. Joining him is Todd Oliver who won his first Cup championship and now makes the LROC team for the first time. Al Allison won the Xfinity Championship but decided to continue to race with MGTNFRL. Kelly Wolfe takes his place for his third appearance.

Matt Minnich makes his 2nd start after winning the Truck championship. Kevin Sullivan is no stranger to the series, he becomes the 2nd player to reach 10 seasons after he won both the Streak to the Finish and Manufacturer Challenge. Finally, Jay Smogolski usually race for either the Fantasy Sport Site or P10 Select but he'll make his debut with Lucky Dog Racing this year. He becomes just the 2nd player to race for three different teams.

Good luck to the 2018 LROC team, make sure you cheer them on throughout the season as they look to win the fifth title.

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Lucky Dog Racing 2018 Driver Group Game
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2017 Yahoo Top 5 Standings
Updated after Homestead
Team Total Pts
1. Stormdevil Racing 10,379
2. Dirtbags 131 10,238
3. wolfercing 10,206
4. Diego Drug Runners 9,904
2. AA Racing 9,864

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2017 Top 5 Streak To The Finish Driver Standings
Forum Name
Rank Total Points Current Cup Streak Current Xfinity Streak Current Truck Streak
Sullivan Smashers 1. 1709 2 4 3
President Lou 2. 1619 5 0 4
J-Rod's Hot Rods 3. 1613 1 5 3
xrays 4. 1557 5 6 3
Mad Dog Racing 5. 1552 1 3 8

Congratulations To This Weekend's Winner!
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Matt Minnich
Daytona Clash Winner

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Top 10 Cup Drivers
1 T. Oliver 5024
2 K. Wolfe 5020
3 R. Perrotta 5016
4 F. Sanchez 5001
5 L. Demian 2231
6 N. Bishop 2223
7 D. Smith 2214
8 J. Rodriguez 2213
9 M. Mason 2212
10 H. Jeffery 2202
Top 10 Xfinity Drivers
1 A. Allison 4038
2 K. Wolfe 4034
3 W. Riney 4023
4 T. Oliver 4016
5 T. Smith 2206
6 T. Jenkins 2176
7 M. Steinfels 2168
8 R. Perrotta 2167
9 J. Sebern 2160
10 S. DiCaprio 2143
Top 10 Truck Drivers
1 M. Minnich 4054
2 J. Rodriguez 4049
3 B. Blair 4045
4 W. Riney 4044
5 K. Sullivan 2228
6 S. DiCaprio 2213
7 K. Wolfe 2206
8 J. Thesier 2193
9 S. Burton 2175
10 G. Miller 2170
Top 10 LROC Drivers
1 J. Rodriguez 747
2 S. Ruth 724
3 K. Mayotte 684
4 L. Demian 683
5 D. Hardison 680
6 N. Helton 678
7 K. Sullivan 674
8 D. Smith 671
9 J. Turgeon 668
10 M. Weltin 658

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